{Another year Older}

By October 25, 2006October 12th, 201414 Comments

Well today I turn another year older couldn’t wait till I turned 30 now 32 seems a little (people will shout that’s not old – when I say it) older but all is good the kids were all excited this morning and David took me out to tea last night as he is back to Sydney later today.

I am off to lunch today with some girlfriends so can’t wiat for that always good to catch up and chat witht he girls!!

On other news the worst thing happened on Monday night my 9 year old son royce asked me if Santa Claus was really true – I was devasted totally did not want to tell him that Santa was all make believe I think ever mum wants their children to believe for ever I know I wish he was true… but he is getting older and all the older kids have started at school already telling the littler ones that there is no such thing has Santa little twerps but Royce was really good about it and I told him about the importance of not telling his little sister, so I was really sad for a little while as I just love the surprise look on his face Xmas morning or seeing Santa at the mall or his excitement at leaving out cookies and milk that is gone now so this year will be interesting, I guess.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE I AM SO HAPPY for my friend Lee who is now a LIMETART GIRL!!!!!!!!!


Check Lee’s work and the other Limetart’s out here Limetart Designers


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