Scrappingclearly Advent Calendar

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Kylie is super excited to announce the release of the 2021 Scrappinclearly Advent Kit!  These fabulous kits will go on PRE ORDER Friday 1stOctober there will be limited numbers. Advent Kits will ship mid-November, ready for you to unwrap your first present on the 1st December.

Each kit includes 25 gifts especially handpicked, by Kylie, suiting scrapbookers, crafters, mixed media artists & card makers enthusiasts! Included in this Advent Kit is Scrappingclearly Christmas cookie.

Each gift is wrapped & specially numbered with a polymer clay tag.

Each Advent is unique so feel free to share on social media each day when you open. Fabulous gift or a present for yourself.

What is the cost of a kit? 
Advent Kit $150.00
Is the kit Christmas themed?
No, it is not a Christmas themed kit.

What number do I start with?
Start by opening gift number one on the 1st December.

Are each of the Advent Kits packed with exactly the same items?
No they uniquely packed kits.

Is there a local pick up option?

Can I return my Advent Kit or Individual items?
There are no returns, so if you don’t like surprises, this is probably not the kit for you.

What is the postage cost?
Postage will be calculated at checkout on ordering.

NOTE: Please do not order other items with this order, if you do they will be held off and posted with the Advent Calendar


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