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Planners are trending now….. Heidi Swapp’s 2016 now in store

By November 21, 2015No Comments

Heidi Swapp 2016 Memory Planners and the 4″ Storage Binder!  Are in store now……

Jenifer Evans introduces them below!

1. 4″ Storage Binder to keep pages that you are either done with or not using. Last year we noticed our planners were too full or that we had months in our planner that we didn’t need to lug around with us everywhere! This is where I am going to be storing those during the year and in one place!

2. Gold Polka Dot Binder Memory Planner has bigger rings than last year. The layout has improved and there is an acrylic gold foiled dashboard page. The inside is beautiful that I just might have shed a tear at it’s design. No joke!

3. The personal sized Gold Stripe Planner is perfect to keep with you in your purse. It has smaller rings even though the spacing is the same so all the accessories will fit it. It is perfect for all those appointments, meal planning, fitness planning, etc… It has beautiful gold foiled cardstock dividers.

4. The Gold Spiral Planner is a Boxed Kit. It comes with a big spiral and has lots of room for junking it up! The layout is the same as the Gold Polka Dot planner. There are lots of embellishments that come with this kit. Shipping to stores soon, stay tuned!

5. The Instax Planner Kit says “Make It Happen” on the front. It has a smaller black spiral and you can add photos but it isn’t made for excessive scrapbooking inside. The layout is different than any of the planners. I love the accessories that come with the planner including gold foiled stickers for the months in Heidi’s handwriting.

6. Well hello there Black and White Personal Planner Boxed Kit. This personal planner has the same layout as the Gold Striped personal planner. The difference is that it has acrylic dividers that are completely different than the other personal planner. This planner does not have gold foil inside but equally as beautiful. The embellishments in this planner are so beautiful it will be hard to use them.

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