13 Arts – Texture Powder – Thickener for Paints – 100ml


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A magical organic powder that will transform any paint and medium into a smooth structural paste. The effect is achieved by mixing thoroughly with water-based inks, inks, acrylic paints and other media. By adding a small amount of powder to the medium, we get an excellent stiff paste that can be used with the most sophisticated masks / templates. It is a matte product, so each paste is also dull.

How to use: Add a small amount of powder to the paint or other medium, mix it in a separate container with a spatula, mix until the powder is completely mixed with the medium. Depending on the amount of powder added, we get a more or less dense paste. To make the paste durable and waterproof, an acrylic medium should be added (eg gel medium or liquid acrylic medium, it is not necessary when using or acrylic paints). With a large amount of powder added to the medium, the paste becomes very thick and stiff and breaks when dry. This way you can get interesting effects of cracks on the job.

Magic! Powder is organic ingredient that is nice smooth texture paste. You can mix it with water-base paints, inks or any kind of acrylic or hybrid paint and mediums. Add a little bit of this powder, mix it with the intricate stencils. It’s a matt mattress, it’s a matt mattress.

How to use:

Add a little bit of powder to your paint or other medium in separate container. Mix it well with a spatula until you can see white particles. Add more or less. Than more powder you add the thicker consistency you get. To make permanent paste (acrylic paint) as acrylic liquid medium, gel medium etc. If you add a big amount of powder, you can get really heavy paste that will crack while drying.

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